Yoga is so much more than the physical postures (asana) practice that we’ve come to know. It’s our meditation practice, our movement practice, our rest, the way we treat others, the lens in which we view the world, etc.

Svadhyaya invites us to understand ourselves and all of our layers better, to unpack the boxes that make up who we are, and honor our true identity.

A journaling practice is available to all of us and can assist us in improving our self-worth and confidence, help us to work through emotions and stressors, find inspiration, and improve our memory.

This 30-day Journal for Svadhyaya is that invitation to dig a little deeper with yourself, and come through the other side feeling even more connected to your true, beautiful, and authentic self.

This journal comes in two forms:

  • Ready to print with lines to guide your writing
  • With boxes you can type into

You will receive both versions - use however best suits your practice. Invitation to write into your own journal using these prompts.